Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've joined the 21st century

Well it only took me about 20 years but I have finally purchased a steel detailing program. I invested in SSDCP last month after a few months of research. I have been fortunate to be very busy this year. While much of my work is misc. metals, my larger customers have been asking me to take some of their structural work as well. SDS2 and Xsteel were more of an investment than I wanted to make, plus, I spoke to several detailing firms that use those programs and they are not as flexible and as misc. metals friendly as I need. AutoSD and SSDCP were both recommended. I sublitted at poll question on the Yahoo Misc. Metals board. The results were 13 for AutoSD and 11 for SSDCP. I made 3 email attempts and 2 phone calls to AutoSD with no response. SSDCP contacted me quickly, and stayed in touch. They got the business.
I am still learning the program but I really enjoy it. I bought the 2nd computer module so I can practice at home. Since I am familiar with Steelcad, I am finding it rather easy to detail. Of course, not being very good with technology I still struggle with things like plotting and finding how to do some things. It really is a well designed program. I recommend it to anyone who is an experienced detailer but is a beginner with cad based programs.